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118 Non-breaking bridge sliding window

Product advantage

Profile wall thickness of 1.4mm, using Asian A bar 6063-T5 virgin aluminum profiles, the material is strong density, high corrosion resistance, wind pressure resistance performance.

Xinyi 5+12A+5 double-layer insulating tempered glass, refusing glass fogging, refusing noise, so that the indoor noise reduction of 30-35 decibels.

Adopting sealing quality EPDM EPDM automotive grade composite sealing tape, aging resistance, no color fading, good sealing performance.

The frame adopts the frame-wrapped fan structure, so that the window sash and window frame are combined, with better sealing effect and stronger sound and heat insulation function.

Automatic lock, push and pull more easily, with a child safety lock, more insurance and safer.

Standard Yardman diamond mesh, with mute pulley, so that the sliding window use effect is more smooth, mute.

The lower rail adopts stainless steel high rail, the upper rail adopts adjustable spinning balance wheel and put pry block double collocation, to solve the problem of window shaking.

Technical parameters

Profile wall thickness


Profile width

Two tracks 47mm
Three tracks 30mm

Width of fan side


Surface of frame


Fan Viewing Face

Glass fan 68mm
Gauze fan 68mm

Product performance

Thermal insulating property


Sound insulation performance


Water tightness performance




Wind pressure resistance performance


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