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125 broken bridge sliding window

Product advantage

The profile has a wall thickness of 1.6mm and is made of Asian A-bar native aluminum material, which is sturdy, high-density, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and wind pressure resistant.

Xinyi 5+16A+5 double-layer insulated tempered glass, filled with argon gas, refuses glass fogging, refuses noise, reduces indoor noise by 30-35 decibels.

The fully hidden frame embedded frame packaging fan design provides better sealing effect and an overall sense of transparency, with a narrower and wider visual effect, simple and atmospheric.

Innovative six track double row wheel stainless steel track design, balanced force without shaking, stable load-bearing, smoother sliding and quieter sliding and pulling.

Sinking hidden drainage adopts a sinking hidden drainage structure, with a stepped drainage design for faster and smoother drainage.

Stable and thickened lower rail, with aluminum material thickened to 3.0mm for stable load-bearing capacity. The maximum width when opened can reach 3 meters, and the entire fan can reach 6 meters.

Glass fan assembled at 45 degrees, with a high and atmospheric height that is not easily deformed. The yarn fan/glass fan can be flexibly switched, and the yarn fan can be selected as either inner or outer yarn.

Up and down to increase safety edge protection, firmly lock the glass fan to prevent it from falling off.

Technical parameters

Profile wall thickness


Profile width


Width of fan side


Surface of frame


Fan Viewing Face


Product performance

Thermal insulating property


Sound insulation performance


Water tightness performance




Wind pressure resistance performance


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