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Red Flag 120 Window Screen Integrated Broken Bridge Horizontal Opening System Window

Product advantage

Occupying a wall width of 120, with a profile wall thickness of 2.0mm, using Asian A-pound native aluminum T5-6063 profile.

Xinyi 5+20A+5 double-layer insulated tempered glass, filled with argon gas, with hollow aluminum bar bending process, insured by Ping An Insurance of China, rejecting glass fogging and noise, reducing indoor noise by 30-35 decibels.

Standard configuration: Adman Diamond Mesh (upgraded version of Diamond Mesh, designed for coastal cities across the country, not rusty, corrosion-resistant, not deformed, quality guaranteed by Ping An Insurance of China). The embedded circular corner protector technology for the yarn fan.

PA66 multi chamber double-layer nylon super large insulation strip.

Jiangyin Haida automotive grade composite rubber strip, with three layers of sealing duckbill rubber strip for opening the fan, significantly improves waterproofing and sealing performance.

Complete set of American Himek anti pry large handles, American Himek 5.0 load-bearing hinges.

Full frame multi chamber high-performance structure, vertical isotherm insulation design, significantly improving insulation performance.

The frame body is injected with German Weishi glue, which refuses to allow water to seep into the frame body. It is equipped with anti fall ropes as standard, providing you with safety protection.

Internal and external flat frames, simple and fashionable, floor drain drainage system, improving waterproof performance, strong drainage, and no dripping water.

Technical parameters

Profile wall thickness


Profile width


Width of fan side

Glass fan 65mm
Gauze fan 33mm

Surface of frame

Small surface 40mm
Large surface 60mm

Fan Viewing Face

Glass fan 75mm
Gauze fan 58mm

Product performance

Thermal insulating property


Sound insulation performance


Water tightness performance




Wind pressure resistance performance


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