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5.2 x20 mm 125 Volt Glass Tube Fuse (Pack of 10 Pcs)


  • The body glass and transparent glass tube can clearly see the internal melting line. The copper caps at both ends are nickel plated, and the conductivity is good.
  • Fuse Dimension: 5.2 x20 mm/0.2×0.78 Inch
  • Fuse Voltage: 125V
  • Package Quantity: 10 pcs Glass Tube Fuse
  • Designed mainly for use with electronic communication apparatus.it is suitable for household appliances, electronic appliances, automobiles, instruments, electronic toys, and other fields.



0.1 AMP, 0.2 AMP, 0.3 AMP, 0.4 AMP, 0.5 AMP, 0.6 AMP, 0.8 AMP, 1 AMP, 1.5 AMP, 10 AMP, 2 AMP, 3 AMP, 4 AMP, 5 AMP, 6 AMP, 8 AMP


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