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Anticorrosive Tapes


Anticorrosive Tapes


For protection against corrosion and the water-proofing of pipes, flanges and valves for marine use.
A neutral compound based on saturated petroleum hydro carbons(petrolatum) with inert fillers.

Fabric carrier free from chemical impurities, fully impregnated and coated on both sides.

Unalterable in composition and plasticity over a wide range of temperatures. Slight superficial oxidation occurs in atmospheric application and renders the surface less tacky. Has a very high degree of impermeability to water. Won’t crack or harden. Unaffected by vibration and highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salt.

Thickness 1.1mm
Temperature For applicable 5℃ to 55℃
Elongation 20%
Weight 1.4kg/m2
812471 50 MM x 10 MTR
812472 100 MM x 10 MTR



50mmx 10m, 100mmx10m


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