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Automatic Reverse-flow Prevention Couplings


  • These couplings are fitted to the outlet pipe, connecting hose, and the welding/cutting machine and outfit, removing possible risks accompanying the  gas welding/cutting operation and making preparation and maintenance of the welding/cutting machines easy.
  • Each type is specially designed for oxygen or fuel gas so as to prevent mistakes.
  • A spring-loaded locking method is used,fitting or removal is a single action, which minimizes hose damage and makes maintenance easy.

Size Chart

IMPA Code Model Type Size Gas
850301 AS-1 Socket 1/4″Hose End OX
850302 AP-1 Plag 1/4″Hose End
850303 GS-1 Socket M16x P1.5 Female Thread
850304 OP-1 Plag M16x P1.5 Female Thread
850306 AS-2 Socket 3/8″Hose End AC
850307 AP-2 Plag 3/8″Hose End
850308 GS-2 Socket M16 x P1.5 Female Thread
850309 OP-2 Plag M16 x P1.5 Female Thread


For Hose to Hose Connections

Gas Size Socket,Hose End Plug.Hose End
Oxygen 1/4” Hose End AS-1 AP-1
Acetylene 3/8” Hose End AS-2 Ap-2

For Gauge to Hose Connections

Gas Size Socket,Female Thread Plug.Hose End
Oxygen M16×P1.5 & 1/4”Hose End GS-1 AP-1
Acetylene M16×P1.5 & 3/8″ Hose End GS-2 AP-2

For Welding Machine/cutting Machine to Hose Connections

Gas Size Socket,Hose End Plug.Female Thread
Oxygen 1/4″ Hose End & M16×P1.5 AS-1 OP-1
Acetylene 3/8” Hose End & M16×P1.5 AS-2 OP-2



850301, 850302, 850303, 850304, 850306, 850307, 850308, 850309


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