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Brass Flag Hook for Marine Ship


  • Made of cast brass or brass plated zinc die cast, which are durable and corrosion-resistant materials.sold in sets.
  • The upper hook has a swiveland eye.,which allows the hook to rotate freely and prevent the flag from twisting or tangling.
  • The lower has an eye only with no swivel, which provides a fixed point for the flag to hang from.
  • Have a snap-on design, which makes them easy to attach and detach from the halyard and the flag.
  • compatible with any standard halyard that has a loop or knot at the end.
Code Description
371581 Flag Hook, Upper & Lower Complete
371582 Flag Hook, Upper Side
371583 Flag Hook, Lower Side


Weight N/A

Flag Hook, Lower Side(10 Pack), Flag Hook, Upper & Lower Complete(10 Pack), Flag Hook, Upper Side(10 Pack)


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