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Carbon Steel Metric Coarse Thread Hand Taps 3’s/Set


Carbon Steel Metric Coarse Thread Hand Taps 3’s/Set

  • Made of Carbon Steel,it is high hardness, high strength, good toughness, and wear resistance.
  • Excellent qualityfine grinding-The precision grinding of the outer circle is for high-precision machining. We conducts precision grindingon the outer circle of each tap to achieve micron-levelrunout to meet the requirements of high-precision machining
  • Taps are sharp and without burrs-The groove is finely polished, only for high finish, the surfaceprocessed by the tap with too poor finish is rough and hasburrs, and the chip removal is not smooth. Cutting is easy,the tap has good rigidity and high cutting rate.The tap is sharp, has no burrs,and has a smooth surface, making tapping smoother.
  • Suitable for threading mild steels, aluminum, iron, copper, hard plastic.


631013,M3.0XP0.50MM, 631015,M4.0XP0.70MM, 631017,M5.0XP0.80MM, 631018,M6.0XP1.00MM, 631019,M7.0XP1.00MM, 631020,M8.0XP1.25MM, 631021,M9.0XP1.25MM, 631022,M10XP1.50MM, 631023,M11XP1.50MM, 631024,M12XP1.75MM, 631025,M14XP2.00MM, 631026,M16XP2.00MM, 631027,M18XP2.50MM, 631028,M20XP2.50MM, 631029,M22XP2.50MM, 631030,M24XP3.00MM, 631031,M27XP3.00MM, 631032,M30XP3.50MM


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