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Carbon Steel Whitworth Coarse Thread Adjustable Round Dies


  • Made of carbon steel, it has hardness and toughness
  • The round dies are used in either hand stock holders or machine holders. it can process, correct or clean the external threads. Suitable for general purpose threading in stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, etc.
  • The adjustable dies can be adjusted by turning a small set screw which will change the nominal size of the dies giving them a tight or loose fit to the threads.
  • Full grinding processsturdy and durable. Adopt full grinding process, smooth surface andstandard size, quenching and hardening to makeit stronger
  • Features: Conical locking hole, strong locking and not loose. Perfect for re-threading existing threads in hard materials like metal and making new threads in soft material such as plastic. The surface is lubricated with grease to prevent rust, the thread is clear and easy to repair.
  • Easy To Use: The positioning groove of the die should be aligned with the fastening screw in the middle of the die wrench, and the screw should be inserted into the slot of the die and tightened. 


631933, W1/8 x 40T x OD20MM, 631935, W3/16 x 24T x OD20MM, 631937, W1/4 x 20T x OD25MM, 631938, W5/16 x 18T x OD25MM, 631939, W3/8 x 16T x OD38MM, 631940, W7/16 x 14T x OD38MM, 631941, W1/2 x 12T x OD38MM, 631942, W9/16 x 12T x OD38MM, 631943, W5/8 x 11T x OD50MM, 631944, W3/4 x 10T x OD50MM, 631945, W7/8 x 9T x OD50MM, 631946, W1 x 8T x OD63MM


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