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Cart Type Deck Scaler Pneumatic Power


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Deck Scalers

  • For use in removing scales and surface paint from the ships deck.
  • The scaler has a handle, allowing the operator to stand during use, relieving fatigue and protecting the eyes from dust and chipped metal or scale.
  • Required air pressure is 0.59 MPa (6 kgf/cm3)
CODE 590401
Model KC-100
Scaling System Reciprocating Piston System
Numbers of Piston Head 11 pcs
Piston Diam 22 mm
R.P.M. 4.000 Blowimin
Scaling Width 300 mm
Weight 65 kgs
Air pressure: 0.59MPa (6kgf/cm)2)
Function: ship rust removal, industrial rust removal, etc.
Weight 44.5 kg


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