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Cobalt Straight Shank Twist Drill


Cobalt Straight Shank Twist Drill

  • 【M35 COBALT HIGH SPEED STEEL】- drill bits for metal made from M35 Cobalt High Speed Steel and contain 5% Cobalt, which increases wear-resistance, durability and extra longer life span, so that the drill bits last through multiple uses
  • 【135° SPLIT POINT】-135°quick-cut pilot split points are self-centering and can penetrate quickly with less pressure. Straight shank of this cobalt steel drill bit allows for firmly holding and accurate centering and makes drilling precise and faster
  • HSS Titanium Coating】- Classic HSS Construction With Titanium Coating For Capability And Durability. The Cutting Edge Is Hardened And Honed For Sharpness.
  • Flutes Form】- 2 Flutes Form Helps Clear Chips And Debris Away From The Bit, Decreasing Friction And Heat For A Faster, Cooler Drilling Process, Chatter-Free Design With Staggered Cutting Teeth Ensure The Precise Countersinking And Hole Smooth Clean.
  • 【For Metalworking】- Particularly Successful In Cutting Through Hard Metals(Hardness Less Than Hrc38°) Such As Stainless Steel And Cast Iron,  They Can Be Used For Softer Materials Like Copper And Aluminium, Too. Not For Hardened Steel And High Carbon Steel.

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10.0 mm,1 PCS, 11.0 mm,1 PCS, 12.0 mm,1 PCS, 3.0 mm,2 PCS, 4.0 mm,2 PCS, 5.0 mm,2 PCS, 6.0 mm,2 PCS, 7.5 mm,1 PCS, 8.0 mm,1 PCS, 8.5 mm,1 PCS, 9.0 mm,1 PCS


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