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Electric Portable Ventilation Fans


1. Highly efficient and portable

2. Used to ventilate hot air and harmful gases from a tank or work area,andsupply fresh air and oxygen.

3. The ideal bell-mouth type casing is highly efficient,creates little noise and iseasy to install in an air duct.

Code Diam. mm Voltage
591403 280 AC110V
591406 200 AC220V
591407 280 AC220V
Casing Diam 200 mm 280 mm
Air Volume 20m³/min 70m³/min
Pressure 25mm Aq 30mm Aq
R.P.M. 3000
Output 155W 0.55W
Weight 9kgs 18kgs
Weight N/A

591403, 280mm, AC110V, 591406, 200mm, AC220V, 591407, 280mm, AC220V


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