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Full Body Type Safety Harness


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Full Body Type Safety Harness

  • For use to lift or lower workmen in rescue or work operations in places where there is a high risk of falling.
  • The service life of seat belts is generally 3-5 years, and any abnormalities should be scrapped in advance.
  • The waist belt, safety belt, and rope of the safety belt should have sufficient mechanical strength, and the material should be wear-resistant. The snap ring (hook) should have a safety device. Safety belts and ropes with a length of more than 3 meters should be equipped with buffers.
  • Before using the seat belt, a visual inspection should be conducted:

(1) The components are complete, without shortage or damage;

(2) Ropes and braids shall be free from brittle cracks, broken strands, or kinks;

(3) Metal accessories are free from cracks, welding defects, and severe corrosion;

(4) The bite of the hook tongue of the hook is flat and not misaligned, and the safety device is complete and reliable;

(5) The rivet has no obvious deviation and the surface is flat.

  • The seat belt should be fastened to a secure object, and it is prohibited to hang it on moving or unstable objects



Product Type: Full body safety harness

Material : High strength polypropylene fiber

Width: 5cm

Thickness: 3.2mm

Overall static tension: 15KN

Weight bearing mass: 100kg

Code Item Unit
331104 Safety Harness(Full body type) Piece



Weight 1.398 kg


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