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Grease Nipple for Hydraulic Fitting, Pin Type , Chrome Plated Steel


  • It has a pin type design, which means it has a small pin protruding from the head that can be pushed by a special grease gun nozzle.
  • The grease fittings are made of chrome plated steel,  rust-resistance, and oil spill-proof, ensuring a long service time.
  • The grease fitting is the oil-filled inlet and is the easiest way to mechanically lubricate. A connection between the grease tube and the mechanical equipment.
    Suitable for most mechanical equipment and industrial applications.
  • The grease fitting is used in a bearing. Convenient for daily maintenance, and replacement operations are simple.
  • Package includes 10pcs pin type grease nipple,for long use and replacement.
CODE Type Nominal Size(Thread)
617621 Pin Type PF 1/8
617622 PF 1/4
617623 PF 3/8
617624 PT 1/8
617625 PT 1/4
617626 PT 3/8
617627 PT 1/2


PF 1/4, PF 1/8, PF 3/8, PT 1/2, PT 1/4, PT 1/8, PT 3/8


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