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Phillips Screwdriver,Plastic Insulated Handle,Heavy Duty


  • Screwdriver is composed of a 45#steel screw and a plastic handle, which is durable and not easy to rust.
  • Easy to Hold: The design of the plastic non-slip handle conforms to ergonomics and is comfortable to grip.
  • Strong magnetic tip design: The head is equipped with a strong magnetic design to easily adsorb small metal components such as screws, preventing parts from being lost.
  • The blade and handle are tightly connected, making them less prone to twisting, loosening, or falling off, making them more convenient and secure to use.
  • Precision machining of the blade, with the head size matching the shape of the screw hole, making it easier to twist the screw without damaging it.



NO.0, 75 MM, NO.00, 75 MM, NO.1, 75 MM, NO.2, 100 MM, NO.3, 150 MM, NO.4, 200 MM


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