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Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner; V-500 (for 5 HP) Without Bucket


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CODE Type Hose Suction nozzle Air consumption at 5kgf/cm² Vacuum(in water column)at 5kgf/cm² Suction capacity at 5 kgf/cm²
590722 V-500(for 5HP) o.32mm×2m(oil resisting) o32mm or w14mm
2 types available
400Ltr/min 3.000mm 2m³
  • A compact and lightweight industrial vacuum cleaner which works on compressed air.
  • Capable of cleaning off water, oil,and bottom sludge as well as dustand metal chippings. It will even vacuum explosive materials as long as the machine is properly grounded from electrical current.
  • Made of a unique design permitting the use of an ordinary pail can with an outside diameter of 300 mm to collect the dust and waste.
  • Furnished with a pail can, 2 meters of oil resistant hose, and an oil stopper which automatically stops suction when the receiver becomes full.
Weight 5.4 kg


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