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Socket Adapters for Socket Wrenches


  • 【CR-V STEEL】Made from heat treated chrome vanadium steel with chrome finish for extra durability and corrosion-resistant.
  • 【SECURE HOLD ON SOCKETS】Chamfered ends and spring-loaded ball detent provides a secure hold onto sockets and prevents them from dropping.
  • 【PRACTICAL】Adapters used to fit ratchet handles to sockets which have larger or smaller square drive fittings. Detent notches in drive ends grips onto ratchets and extensions making it a perfect fit for any industrial, mechanic, or construction work.
  • 【Corners】Corners inside drive avoid stress concentrations that can cause cracking, suitable for use with hand tools and is not recommended for use with electric or air tools
Code Male SQ Drive x Female SQ Drive Overall Length mm
610471 9.5(3/8″) x 6.35(1/4″) 23mm
610472 6.35(1/4″) x 9.5(3/8″) 25mm
610473 12.7(1/2″) x 9.5(3/8″) 32mm
610474 9.5(3/8″) x 12.7(1/2″) 33mm
610475 19.0(3/4″) x 12.7(1/2″) 42mm
610476 12.7(1/2″) x 19.0(3/4″) 46mm
610477 25.4( 1″) x 19.0(3/4″) 58mm
610478 19.0(3/4″) x 25.4(1″) 63mm
610479 38.1(1-1/2″) x 25.4(1″) 77mm




1/2" M x 3/4" F, 1/2" M x 3/8" F, 3/4" M x 1" F, 3/4" M x 1/2" F, 3/8" M x 1/2" F


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