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Stop Ring Pliers


Stop Ring Pliers

These stop ring pliers are used for inserting or removing external/internal snap rings.

They automatically open or close just by gripping the handles.

There are two types of pliers, one for external, the other for internal use.

Code Type For External Ring Size Overall Length
611801 Straight Nose 3-15mm 140mm
611804 Straight Nose 32-80mm 236mm
Code Type For Internal Ring Size Overall Length
611821 Straight Nose 6-15mm 140mm
611834 Bent Nose 32-80mm 230mm



Bent Stop Ring Plier, External 10-25 mm, Bent Stop Ring Plier,Internal 32-80 mm, Straight Stop Ring Plier, Internal 6-15 mm, Straight Stop Ring Plier,External 3-15 mm, Straight Stop Ring Plier,External 32-80 mm


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