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Strap Wrench No.5,Capacity 1-5 Inch,Strap Width 1-3/4 Inch,IMPA 616578


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  • Versatile Application: The strap wrench excels in handling various tasks, fromautomobiles and tractors to oil filters, shower heads, PVC junctions, and more. lt’sa versatile tool that brings convenience to your daily life.
  • Adjustable Grip: The customizable grip allows the adjustable strap wrench tofit into tight spaces easily. With a diameter capacity ranging from 1-5 inches, it adapts to different applications, making it a flexible and adaptable tool.
  • Completely adjustable strap wrench. You will get a strap wrench heavy duty tool which is tough, High-quality anti-breaking nylon belt provides excellent grip
  • Multifunctional pipe strap wrench strap is woven from strong nylon.
  • High-Strength Belting: High strength nylon strap wrench delivers high-torque application withoutscratching or damaging polished pipes, fittings, plastic pipes, filters, glass pipesPVC conduit, and shafts. The cam-action design ensures uniform torque forimproved efficiency.


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