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Threaded Nut Type Wire Wheel Brush, 75 Mm X M10 Thread


  • Designed for high speed operation on pneumatic or electric scaling and sanding machines.
  • These brushes remove rust and scale from metal, clean tanks and boat hulls, take off old paint, and clean castings and structural metal.
  • Thickened design, firmly installed steel wire, no wire running or easy to break, effectively improving work efficiency
  • High quality steel wire with long service life
  • Crimped Type: Using 0.3 fine wire, evenly distributed, used on a high-speed polishing machine without burning the surface of the workpiece.
  • Twist Knotted Type: Selected 0.5mm thick steel wire, Twist Knotted design, durable without wire throwing and rebound


100 MM x M14 THREAD, 100MM × M14 X 2, 75 MM x M10 THREAD, 75MM × M10 × 1.5, 75MM × M14 × 2.0


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