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Universal Carbonized Fiber Packing, Pillar No.6501L


Pillar No. 6501L

An original gland packing made of braided carbonized synthetic fibers impregnated with micro PTFE dispersion and treated with lubricating oil to achieve superior, well-balanced performance in lubricity, flexibility and strength.

Feature: Become a standard gland packing for the standardpumps due to its high performance such as low abrasion of the stem.


lts versatile and high performance has made this gland packing a popular choice for use with many types of rotating equipments as well as reciprocating valves.

lt is also great for use with stern tubes and rudder stocks.


Temperature To 200oC(Over 80oC, externalcooling required),

Pressure to 1.0 MPaG (10 kgf/cm2),

Velocity to 20 m/s,

PV to 9.8 MPaG · m/s (100 kgf/cm2 . m/s)


3 MM x 3 MTR, 5 MM x 3 MTR, 6.5 MM x 3 MTR, 8 MM x 3 MTR, 9.5 MM x 3 MTR, 11 MM x 3 MTR, 12.5 MM x 3 MTR, 14.5 MM x 3 MTR, 16 MM x 3 MTR, 17.5 MM x 3 MTR, 19 MM x 3 MTR, 20.5 MM x 3 MTR, 22 MM x 3 MTR, 24 MM x 3 MTR, 25.5 MM x 3 MTR


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