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Water Activated Tapes for Pipe Repair


Water Activated Tapes for Pipe Repair

Designed and recommended for stopping leaks in pipe which may occur due to corrosion or other reasons. Composed of a quality knitted fiberglass cloth coated with a special poly-urethane resin which is activated by a 5 second immersion in water. Once activated by water the tape will transform from a wet adhesive into a rigid plastic state in minutes. Bonds to most common plastic or metallic pipe materials such as steeliron, copper, PVC, fiberglass, and others. Recommended for leaks not exceeding 1/8″ in diameter and pipe size 2″ in diameter. May be used with good results on pipe with a temperature range from -29°C to 121°C. Each roll of products is individually packaged with gloves for handling

812362 5 CM x 3.6 MTR
812363 10 CM x 3.6 MTR
812364 5 CM x 1.5 MTR
812365 7.5 CM x 2.7 MTR



812362,5CMX3.6MTR, 812363,10CMx3.6MTR, 812364,5CMx1.5MTR, 812365,7.5CMx2.7MTR


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