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Water Finding Paste,Water Indicating Paste,75g Tube


Water Finding Paste,Water Indicating Paste,75g Tube

Net weight: 75g

Storage temperature: 2°C–45°C

Optimal color change temperature: 20°C

Applicable location: measuring gas station oil depot, ship oil tank, tank truck, etc


Product Features

  • Reformulated for better consistency and improved color change
  • Quickly and accurately detects water in fuel storage tanks
  • Change from white to purple-red when meeting water.
  • User-friendly plastic tube, less mess than metal tubes
  • It is suitable for all petroleum products, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, soap, salt and chloride water content measurements.


How to use

Apply the water finding paste to the dipstick, put it in the oil depot, and the water finding paste will turn red when exposed to water. After changing color, the color is distinct, and after pulling the ruler up, the dividing line is clear, and it is easy to distinguish the position of the water surface.




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